About Us

Welcome to BEFOED - Beyond Foreign Education, where we transcend conventional boundaries to redefine the landscape of global education. Founded on the pillars of excellence and innovation, our journey began in 2016 with a singular vision: to empower students and institutions to navigate the complexities of international education with confidence and clarity. Since then, we've proudly facilitated the enrolment of over 5000+ students into 500+ prestigious universities worldwide, serving as trusted partners in their academic pursuits.

But our commitment doesn't end there. With a relentless focus on personalized guidance and support, we've conducted over 20000+ counselling sessions for study abroad aspirants, leveraging our expertise as study abroad experts to pave the way for their success. Whether it's through online platforms or face-to-face interactions, our dedicated team ensures that every student receives the tailored guidance they need to thrive in a global academic environment.

In addition to our student-focused services, we also partner with colleges and universities worldwide to create and maintain comprehensive international engagement plans. Through strategic Market Development, Market Entry, Market Expansion, Marketing, and Consulting we help institutions unlock their full potential on the global stage. With a presence spanning 16 countries across South Asia, South East & Middle East Asia, and the African continent, we possess the unique ability to connect institutions with elite talent from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Furthermore, we understand that recruitment is not just about numbers – it's about creating meaningful connections and fostering lasting relationships. That's why we go beyond traditional recruitment methods to organize a variety of events tailored for engagement, including dynamic fairs in schools, colleges, and universities, as well as cutting-edge virtual gatherings and networking events. These events serve as catalysts for collaboration, innovation, and growth, bringing together students, institutions, and industry experts to shape the future of global education.

At BEFOED, we are more than just a recruitment service – we are architects of opportunity, pathfinders guiding students and institutions towards a future of endless possibilities in the realm of global education. Join us as we embark on this journey together, where the pursuit of knowledge knows no bounds, and every dream is within reach.

Global Accreditations & Recognitions

Recruiting Students from 16 Various countries of South Asia - Southeast & Middle East Asia and Africa Region