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Embark on a transformative academic journey with BEFOED – Beyond Foreign Education, where every student's potential is nurtured into reality. Our innovative Student Recruitment Service transcends boundaries, connecting over 5000+ bright minds to elite institutions across 500+ global universities since our inception in 2016. Harnessing our prolific expertise, we've conducted 20000+ counselling sessions, both online and offline, guiding aspiring scholars towards their dreams. Trust in our unmatched visa success ratio, ensuring your path to international education is not just a dream, but a thrilling reality waiting to unfold.

Step into the realm of global education excellence with BEFOED - Beyond Foreign Education, where we redefine the playbook for colleges and universities worldwide. At BEFOED, we're not just consultants; we're architects of international engagement strategies tailored to elevate your institution's status to elite levels. Through our expert guidance in Market Development, Market Entry, Market Expansion, Marketing, and Consulting, we craft bespoke plans that resonate across 16 dynamic countries spanning South Asia, South East & Middle East Asia, and the African continent. With our unparalleled prowess as study abroad virtuosos, we pave the way for your institution's unparalleled success on the global stage, ensuring your impact knows no bounds.

Explore the forefront of global education recruitment with BEFOED - Beyond Foreign Education, where innovation meets excellence. Our exclusive events are meticulously crafted to connect institutions with exceptional talent from around the globe. From captivating fairs held in schools, colleges, and universities to immersive virtual experiences and dynamic networking events, we offer diverse platforms to showcase your institution's offerings. Guided by a team of seasoned study abroad experts, we navigate the recruitment landscape with precision and innovation, leveraging our expansive global reach to unlock doors to success for institutions and students alike. Join us as we pioneer the future of educational recruitment, forging pathways to excellence with every event we organize.

Global Accreditations & Recognitions

Recruiting Students from 16 Various countries of South Asia - Southeast & Middle East Asia and Africa Region